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Massage is one of the oldest complementary therapies and is based on the healing power of touch. It can have beneficial effects on the skin, muscles, blood vessels, lymphatics, nerves and even some internal organs, whilst alleviating the effects of stress on the body and the mind.

70% of illnesses are stress related. Regular massage will relieve general aches and pains as well as helping prevent compensations accumulating which can result in ill health and discomfort.

Sports Massage

We offer an extensive range of massage techniques that can be tailored to assist performance, recovery, rehabilitation, maintenance and injury prevention.


Raewyn Bremner: NAMMT, RMAdv, SpTh, Phys

Raewyn is a highly qualified, experienced massage therapist. She is a graduate of three year registered massage therapist course in British Columbia Canada, and has worked with amateur and elite athletes to assist performance, recovery, rehabilitation and injury prevention.

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Treatments available include: